H-SC | Rhetoric Program | Hampden-Sydney College

H-SC | Rhetoric Program | Hampden-Sydney College.


One thought on “H-SC | Rhetoric Program | Hampden-Sydney College

  1. Interesting. I do prefer the less mandatory way of doing this. Rhetoric can get diluted into “minimal/boring composition requirements” when used in this way (of course, we’d have to hear student feedback at H-SC to know), which creates a different kind of faculty totally devoted to programmatic oversight, implementation, and evaluation, not what we’re doing here with the concept (strong argumentation [especially oral and media/digital], debate and civic engagement, and tying these to a tradition of history of theory and practice back to antiquity). On the other hand, creating a rhetoric component to our current program, like a set of faculty with expertise who can visit our FYS/W to talk about agency, genre, argumentation models and fallacies, and so forth, would not be a bad idea. I learned a great deal over the summer just in new ways to teach genre-writing. We need more of that sharing.

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