The Future of Secondary Writing Instruction?

Freshman have always entered their undergraduate experiences with a wide range of backgrounds in terms of how often they have written and what type of writing instruction they have received.

As Common Core spreads across the U.S., faculty teaching first year seminars that are writing intensive or traditional freshman composition would be well advised to anticipate what students are being and will be taught as writers.

Here are a couple of places to start:

Common Core Sample Student Writing intended to guide teachers

Common Core’s Substandard Writing Standards by Anthony Esolen


One thought on “The Future of Secondary Writing Instruction?

  1. Ugh. The rhetoric/humanities dichotomy in the second link is so putrid. How about reading a little less Plato and a little more Cicero sometime, Mr. Esolen. We have plenty of argumentation theory to identify why fallacies of inconsistent evidence and red herrings are problems. So why blame the people who teach these things, over a writing example that commits some of those problems? And his answer is to turn writing into escapism about Truth, Beauty, and Love? Or, perhaps even worse, only allow students to write about substantive topics once they’ve absolutely mastered a subject area? So we write about fluffy bunnies as Essentially Beautiful until we have our Masters degrees, and then become competent professionals and civic activists in our first year of work? What a joke.

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